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Name: Lissa Amura Glizsen the Hedgehog Age: 17 Species: Hedgehog Gender: Female Sexuality: Aromantic Likes: Jewelry, ordering others around, having others do her work, hammering in the fact that she is royal, gifts. Dislikes: Unnecessary conflict, having to do the work herself, feeling like she's NOT the center of attention, reptiles. Powers: Can slow down time temporarily, and preform several different attacks, both physical and magical by preforming certain hand gestures. Personality: Full of herself, quiet, devoid of emotion, dismissive, peace-making. General info: Lissa is the Princess of a small island by the name of Nyxonia. She is allied with her fellow Mobian rulers, such as Princess Elizabeth. She prefers to discuss issues over a cup of tea rather than fight.

Theme song:
Fanfare & Coronation - Richard Meyer - NSYO String Orchestra

Fanfare & Coronation - Richard Meyer - NSYO String Orchestra

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